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Roof Replacement

When it comes to maintaining your property, the smartest cash you spend could be on a roof. Making necessary roof repairs and perform routine maintenance like downspouts of debris and clearing gutters can extend the lifespan of your roof. Disregarding small repairs could lead to bigger roof replacement or costly roof repairs. Damage like curling, buckling, cracked, surface bubbles and missing shingles are signs your old roof need the attention of a roofing company and professional roofing contractors like Red White & Blue Construction. Making good decisions is the key to minimizing long-term costs related to any home maintenance.

We offer different types of roofing services at Red White & Blue Construction and we go the extra mile to make sure all of our customers are completely satisfied. When you’re prepared to install a new roof or replace your old roof, our team of professional roofing contractors will execute the job perfectly, and bring enhanced style and comfort to your home.

Our roofers are carefully selected to meet the highest experience standards and levels of customer service. You can be guaranteed in your roof installation project having in mind that you’re backed by a fully insured roofing company.

Benefits of a New Roof

Almost every property owner sometimes will be confronted with the need for a new roof if the roof is more than 20 years old. A new roof can do much more for your home than keep out the rain as long as the job is done right. Our expert roofing team at Red White & Blue Construction will install new roofs on homes in a very convenient, quick and easy process at affordable price. Below are several benefits to starting fresh with a new roof.

Increased resale value

Getting a new roof can significantly boost your home’s value. It helps potential buyers to view it as a new home and the sellers are able to find buyers more easily. It is important to keep the value of your home safe, and a new roof can add to the value of your property.

Enhanced energy efficiency

New roof properly installed are much more energy-efficient than old ones, keeping your interior atmosphere comfortable, regardless of the weather ultimately helps reduce your energy bill.

Excellent warranty

When you have a new roof installed today, you can rest assured that the investment will last for many years. Manufacturer warranty only becomes a benefit if you hire Professional roofers, such as Red White & Blue Construction who offer warranty coverage on their products that last up to 50 years.

Increased safety

An old roof in some cases may start to deteriorate and loses its ability to protect the interior of your home from bad weather condition. Instead of worrying whether each round of your old roof repairs was successful, you’ll feel confident knowing that your new roof can withstand any weather condition that comes its way.

Our Services

The design of your roof, the type of roofing, and other factors determine how long a new roof will last. At Red White & Blue Construction, we offer both residential and commercial replacement services and we are familiar with a wide range of materials. Our trained, experienced specialists will work with you to consider your budget. Our services include:


  • Replacing an asphalt shingle roof
  • Metal roof replacement
  • Tile and slate replacement
  • Standing seam replacement
  • Stone-coated Metal replacement


  • TPO replacement
  • PVC replacement
  • Modified bitumen replacement
  • Fabricated reinforced ply system replacement

If you think it is time to have your roof replaced contact Red White & Blue Construction to get an online quote and have your roof inspected by one of our experts.